Something about DREADLOCKS

Dreadlocks is a women’s fashion design company in Israel. Adi, the designer, and Yoram, the business manager, have been working together since 2000, to create colorful and comfortable clothing for women of all shapes, and ages. Adi and Yoram are not only business partners, but life partners too

They have four wonderful children

Our clothing is very affordable and made of soft, high quality material, using both solid colors, and prints. Our prints are original, based on ethnic patterns and using elements that compliment our collection. The result are fun clothes that are both flowing , interesting, and comfortable. We design our clothes so that they can be worn separately, or layered for a different look

Dreadlocks has 9 stores located all over Israel, but our main branch is in the hills of the Galilee, in the town of Maalot. In its inception, Dreadlocks produced hair accessories, and because Yoram, the business manager, wore dreadlocks at the time, the company was called Dreadlocks. Although we still sell accessories, clothing is our main product

We have partners from India, Thailand, China and Indonesia who produce the accessories, and some of the clothes, according to our design. We are proud of our relationship with these partners, whom we have chosen because they practice fair trade. It is very important for us that our employees, 40 in all, feel that they are paid fairly for their work and that their voices are heard. It is a priority for us that we maintain a good relationship with our suppliers as well as our global partners. We also want to please our customers